Team collaboration made simple

  • Share Outlook and documents with up to 50 colleagues
  • Real-time, secure synchronization - without a server
  • Flexible networks to connect offices anywhere in the world

SYNCING.NET – Business Edition

Powerful, real-time Outlook and document synchronization for the entire company


Price for 10 PCs/year:
299.99 €

Features at a glance

  • All the benefits of Personal Edition, plus:
  • Share/sync data automatically with up to 50 peers
  • Assign and use individual user rights
  • No training costs - intuitive user interface
  • No IT expenses for system administration
  • Predictable IT costs via perpetual or monthly plans
  • Free support via e-mail

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Your goal:

The SYNCING.NET solution:

Effectively include all project members and departmental colleagues in data sharing.

With the Business Edition you can create multiple Outlook Groups for different corporate projects and departments. You can even include multiple PCs from one of your team members who has a home office and notebook to include in the Outlook Group. Just a few mouse clicks and you can add or delete a member to/from your Group and begin sharing all Sync and Outlook folders.

To sync folders from an Exchange server.

When working with Outlook, you can now synchronize folders that are on an Exchange server. In addition, you can also sync two Exchange servers together.

To control the way your PC syncs your data.

With just two clicks, you can pause SYNCING.NET and synchronization in order to optimize your PCs resources for other applications. You can even adjust the upload and download bandwidth to optimize performance of your PC. This also comes in handy when your updating your Smartphone or PDA. Simply pause SYNCING.NET before updating the phone and restart syncing when you're done with your PDA.

Keep your laptop up-to-date with all your contacts, schedules and e-mails, even while waiting at the airport.

SYNCING.NET will keep you up-to-date in real time, anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

Real-time data transfer to all of your PCs that's accurate and fast.

SYNCING.NET only synchronizes the changes you've made in your data - not the entire file, making the program incredibly quick.

Complete control over which data is to be shared with whom.

Upon creating your Outlook group or sync folder, you will be prompted to choose exactly which folders you wish to synchronize. You will then have the choice of exactly who it is shared with. When you've created a specific group of contacts solely for the purpose of a particular project, you can simply select that contact group to share with that project group while keeping all of your other contacts private. It's that simple.

Work, network, and play while sharing your data, all without interruption.

SYNCING.NET synchronizes automatically, and in the background. After installing and setting up your synchronization groups, you can continue with business as usual, knowing your specified Outlook data and files are being synced accordingly.

Additional data security - when you create the Group only you can invite and uninvite.

If you are the originator of an Outlook Group, only you can invite or delete members from the Group. Invited users do not have administrative rights to change the group or its content.

Relegate maximum sizes for data folders.

To avoid unnecessarily large sync folders on your computers, you can specify a maximum size limit when creating folders. Also, you can choose which action should be taken when reaching that maximum size.

No problems with proxy servers.

SYNCING.NET Business Edition detects proxy server automatically and redirects Internet traffic to the proxy server. Alternatively, you can enter the data manually.



SYNCING.NET Business Edition significantly improves communication within a team or within a small business by simplifying and streamlining the way in which complete PC communication works. With this user-friendly and low-maintenance solution, you can synchronize any Outlook data and Windows folders comfortably between the computers of your peers - and all without the need of a server.

Communicate. Collaborate. Create.

Within minutes you can add colleagues in remote offices to your company's SYNCING.NET sync network. Because of the extremely secure environment the program creates coupled with the highly flexible and personalized functionality, you can feel confident that your data remains yours. Your colleagues will all be up-to-date with all the relevant information, wherever they are in the building or the world - and all without the need for a server.


SYNCING.NET is a very powerful and reliable synchronization program that runs silently in the background, making it very simple to use. Once a change is made within a file or Outlook item, SYNCING.NET sends only the change to the other computer. To make it even faster, we've designed the program to only synchronize the CHANGES made to the file, thus making real-time syncing possible.

Ease of use

SYNCING.NET is easy to install and operate. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, PC users of every level will find the program simple, yet powerful. The software can be installed and the program set up in just a few minutes. Once it's set up, it runs silently in the background with no worries for the user.


As a project manager you have the challenging task of coordinating a team of both interal and external staff, often in different locations around the world, and keeping them all up-to-date with the lastest information at all times. SYNCING.NET helps you manage your resources efficiently so you can concentrate on the project, not the communications.

Teamwork Made Easy

SYNCING.NET will immediately have a very big impact on your team and your collective productivity. You can make changes to an important document that is in your sync folder, and the rest of the team is instantly made aware of the changes, no matter where they are in the world. Need to change a meeting while you are sitting at the the snow-covered airport waiting to get to that meeting? Not a problem. Change the calendar and everyone will see it in an instant.

Data management

As a project leader you know the importance of getting the right information to the right person, and fast. When you set up your Outlook Group you will have the sole rights to inviting whomever you need to take part in that data sharing. Only you will be able to invite new members or uninvite members as need be.

Secure your data

SYNCING.NET uses peer-to-peer technology to share data. This means that all your data is stored locally - only on your and your colleages' PCs. To further security, all data is doubly encrypted at military standards so that the only part with access to your data are the PCs within your Outlook Group(s). In the event that a PC is offline, you can use the 'store and forward' function. This temporarily stores the synchronized data on our servers until the recipient is online. Note though that the data is encrpted AT ALL TIMES and no one has access to this data. Only the changed data is stored, not the entire file. And once the data is retrieved by the recipient it is immediately erased from our servers.



  • Up to 50 computers per Outlook Group and/or Sync Folder
  • Up to 50 Outlook Groups and Sync Folders
  • Up to 3000 Outlook folders from any pst file
  • Supports both pst files (personal Outlook folders) and ost files (for use in conjunction with an Exchange server)
  • Proxy server compatibility
  • Bandwidth control and instant synchronization pausing
  • Exchange server support
  • Printing capabilities
  • Unlimited size and quantity of files and file-folders
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption (end-to-end) of all data and 1024-bit RSA authentication
  • Temporary buffering (store and forward) for offline situations

System Requirements:

  • PC with Pentium-class CPU (800 MHz or faster)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB or more recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003/2008, Vista (x86 and x64) or Windows 7 (x86 and x64)
  • Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • Internet access (broadband and flat rate is recommended)
  • For Outlook synchronization: Microsoft Outlook XP (2002), 2003, 2007 or 2010 (32 and 64 bit) - NOT supported: Outlook "Click to Run"

Manuals and white papers:

SYNCING.NET - User Guide   SYNCING.NET - User Guide

Security & Privacy   Security & Privacy



Your goal:

The SYNCING.NET solution:

Maximum security with data transfer.

All data are encoded prior to transmission with individual, encrypted keys (end-to-end). Secure 256-bit AES encryption complies with the 1024-bit RSA authentication using the highest safety standards (military grade).

Synchronization without the costs of an IT staff or servers.

We place special emphasis on ease of operation. SYNCING.NET is installed and set up within a few minutes, for any level PC user.

Predictable IT costs.

After purchasing your SYNCING.NET perpetual licenses, you can use the software indefinitely. All minor upgrades are free for as long as you use the software, and major upgrades are free for two years. You only need to make further purchases if you wish to add more PCs as your business or team grows. To provide more options, we also offer an annual subscription.

Fast help for your IT questions.

Our excellent technical support team is available via phone or e-mail, covering both standard North American and European business hours.

Increased worker productivity.

New or newly introduced employees can be quickly integrated into an existing Outlook Group from day one. If only training them on everything else were so easy.

Improve communication within the team.

SYNCING.NET allows your team to fully communicate and share data in real time so that everybody is on the same page at all times.


Real customers. Real feedback.

”I am surprised at how easy it was to use the software and get it set up. It was evident from my online search for such software that other programs were more difficult to set up and use.”

Alan Jagger

”The best compliment I can give this software is that it works flawlessly every time. So glad I found it.”

Christoper Slevin

”It's a great relief for me that I can take my laptop with me knowing that all files are there and updated.”

Toine Kets

”Great software if you have to maintain two systems. After entering data into laptop I have access to it on my main PC.”

Clarence McCoy

”A great product that continues to evolve.”

Bud Burrell

”Even the Atlantic Ocean is no obstacle. I am often in America and Asia on the road. If someone back in Switzerland makes some data changes, I can be sure I have the current calendar and the latest e-mails with me at all times.”

Benedikt Fischer



     - simple
     - secure
     - seamless

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     Installation within minutes:

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Free 14-day trial with full Business Edition functionality!

Free 14-day trial


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SYNCING.NET allows you to synchronize Outlook e-mails, contacts, calendars and tasks in real time, as well as documents of any size and type - and all without a server.
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Our knowledgeable technical support team is available via e-mail and phone. Support is also free during trial periods.
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Real-time, secure synchronization for all of your documents and Outlook data without the costs of a server or IT staff.
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With SYNCING.NET, you choose exactly what data you need to sync and with whom you wish to share it. It's that simple.
8. Maximum security

Our unique peer-to-peer technology means your data remains on your machines. During synchronization all information is encoded using military-grade encryption, creating the safest environment possible for your data.
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