Outlook, Exchange and document synchronization made simple

SYNCING.NET offers a unique and powerful Outlook, Exchange and document synchronization tool for companies and professionals from every field, as well as any individual needing to sync multiple PCs without using a server. Real-time, automatic syncing for Outlook, Exchange and documents anytime, anywhere. No additional software, expensive server hardware or traning are needed to use our tools. SYNCING.NET gives you a powerful solution that is simple, secure and affordable.

Outlook and document synchronization

For individuals

Personal Edition – Outlook, Exchange and document syncing for individuals

The perfect solution for road warriors or home businesses who want a serverless solution for keeping Outlook, Exchange and documents up-to-date in real time on up to 3 PCs. Simple, secure, automatic synchronization - and all without a server. Whether professional or personal, this is the syncing solution that will simplify the way you operate.
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Business-solution for companies and project teams

Business Edition – Outlook, Exchange and document sharing and syncing for businesses and project teams

Ideal data exchange solution for small to medium businesses and project teams who need Outlook, Exchange and documents synced on up to 50 PCs - without a dedicated server or IT staff. With the Business Edition it's simple to share and synchronize all file types (documents, spreadsheets, PDF, "all of it") in addition to sharing and syncing all Outlook folders (e-mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.) or Exchange data in real time for team members, remote offices and colleagues on the road.
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Complete synchronization

Manager Edition – The complete Outlook, Exchange and document exchange solution for the entire company

The complete data infrastructure solution for business and professional users, with full featured rights management and premium support. SYNCING.NET's Manager Edition offers a serverless solution for connecting the entire company, including remote offices and virtual teams. You retain full control of access rights for all Outlook data, Exchange data and documents to be shared with departments, partners and customers.
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Sync Outlook calendars and contacts with Google Account

Outlook - Google - Mobile

gSyncing – Sync Outlook calendars and contacts with Google Account

gSyncing establishes a connection between Outlook and Google and allows syncing events and contacts between Outlook and your Google account. With just a few settings you receive a possibility to keep your data up-to-date – at home or on the road, on smartphones and tablets or computers
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Filesharing and document synchronization directly between your PCs

for Windows documents and files only

Filesharing Edition – Flawless Document Synchronization

Designed for those who don't need Outlook synchronized, the Filesharing Edition is your perfect solution. Legal documents of any kind, Quicken® files, money or accounting archives, movies, training videos, MP3 and any other type of file you desire will be securely synchronized between your PCs. No more copying to disc or flash drives!
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Mobile synchronization

Mobile synchronization

TopSync – Sync mobile devices with with computers

TopSync is a product family, which enables you to synchronize, backup and share your personal data (e-mails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) on your mobile devices and computers automatically and wirelessly.
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More products

Outlook Backup

Outlook Backup - The Ultimate Outlook Backup

Designed with data security at the forefront, this is a full-featured solution for your Outlook Backup and recovery needs. Working seamlessly with our synchronization and file sharing tools, you will not find a better set of tools that add security, value and peace of mind in this digital world... we strongly recommend adding Outlook Backup to any of your SYNCING.NET synchronization and file sharing purchases.
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Free 14-day trial with full Business Edition functionality!

Free 14-day trial

How it works

How Syncing.net Works

Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Certified

NEW: Software version 5

Upgrade now to version 5 and use the new features in advance. Please contact us via e-mail sales_en@syncing.net.


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1. Complete Outlook and document synchronization

SYNCING.NET allows you to synchronize Outlook e-mails, contacts, calendars and tasks in real time, as well as documents of any size and type - and all without a server.
2. Customer reviews

Our customers are often times so enthusiastic about their SYNCING.NET software "discovery" that they take the time to let us know about their experiences through testimonials and positive feedback.
3. Award-winning solutions

SYNCING.NET has won multiple awards and received several glowing reviews from some of the most well-respected publications in the US and Europe. Our data exchange solution is the fastest, most complete, most secure solution for syncing Outlook and documents without a server and IT staff.
4. Simple to install, simple to use

IT novices are delighted with the software’s user-friendly interface and background functionality. IT pros are impressed with its powerful features.
5. Customer support

Our knowledgeable technical support team is available via e-mail and phone. Support is also free during trial periods.
6. No server costs

Real-time, secure synchronization for all of your documents and Outlook data without the costs of a server or IT staff.
7. Flexible, personalized networks

With SYNCING.NET, you choose exactly what data you need to sync and with whom you wish to share it. It's that simple.
8. Maximum security

Our unique peer-to-peer technology means your data remains on your machines. During synchronization all information is encoded using military-grade encryption, creating the safest environment possible for your data.
9. Free 14-day trial

You want to be sure a program can do exactly what you need it to do. Test our software for 14 days free of charge and with no further obligations. Our trial version is a fully functioning SYNCING.NET Business Edition.
10. Our goal

Here at SYNCING.NET, we strive to create high-quality, innovative software, as well as an overall high-quality experience for the customer.