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To complete the installation of SYNCING.NET follow these next steps:

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Create a User Account


Screenshots: Create user account

1. Create a new or use an existing account.

2. Input your new or existing account information.

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Create an Outlook network


Screenshots: Create outlook network

1. Give the network a name.

2. Select an Outlook folder.

3. Invite collegues & friends.

It's just as easy to create a FileSharing network.

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You will find detailed manuals under “Support” or more information in our FAQ section.

    Please note: SYNCING.NET must be installed on every PC that you want to synchronize.

    IMPORTANT - While installing, be certain you maintain your internet access throughout the installation process and that you have allowed SYNCING.NET as a trusted application on your firewall settings.

    The e-mail address you choose for your user account will be the e-mail address all further installation information will be sent to, including license keys.

User Guide

Need more detailed information about SYNCING.NET? Download the User Guide here.

>> User Guide
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Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Certified

NEW: Software version 5

Upgrade now to version 5 and use the new features in advance. Please contact us via e-mail


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1. Complete Outlook and document synchronization

SYNCING.NET allows you to synchronize Outlook e-mails, contacts, calendars and tasks in real time, as well as documents of any size and type - and all without a server.
2. Customer reviews

Our customers are often times so enthusiastic about their SYNCING.NET software "discovery" that they take the time to let us know about their experiences through testimonials and positive feedback.
3. Award-winning solutions

SYNCING.NET has won multiple awards and received several glowing reviews from some of the most well-respected publications in the US and Europe. Our data exchange solution is the fastest, most complete, most secure solution for syncing Outlook and documents without a server and IT staff.
4. Simple to install, simple to use

IT novices are delighted with the software’s user-friendly interface and background functionality. IT pros are impressed with its powerful features.
5. Customer support

Our knowledgeable technical support team is available via e-mail and phone. Support is also free during trial periods.
6. No server costs

Real-time, secure synchronization for all of your documents and Outlook data without the costs of a server or IT staff.
7. Flexible, personalized networks

With SYNCING.NET, you choose exactly what data you need to sync and with whom you wish to share it. It's that simple.
8. Maximum security

Our unique peer-to-peer technology means your data remains on your machines. During synchronization all information is encoded using military-grade encryption, creating the safest environment possible for your data.
9. Free 14-day trial

You want to be sure a program can do exactly what you need it to do. Test our software for 14 days free of charge and with no further obligations. Our trial version is a fully functioning SYNCING.NET Business Edition.
10. Our goal

Here at SYNCING.NET, we strive to create high-quality, innovative software, as well as an overall high-quality experience for the customer.